Ponds and Water Features

The addition of water to a landscape is a great way to introduce some new sights and sounds to the outdoor living experience.  The sound of flowing, falling water can be used to gently drown-out any background noise such as traffic or to attract birds and wild-life to your home.

The addition of light to your project can give your water feature a second, evening look with light refracting off of cascading waterfalls and brightening up the yard at night. Water features and ponds can provide a soothing and relaxing ambiance to sit and enjoy nature in your own back yard. 

Through proper pump sizing and good filtration any pond can be a low maintenance focal point that can be enjoyed year round. 
At Hedgecore Landscaping we design and build all types of water features and ponds, from small bubbling rocks to large fish ponds with multi-tiered waterfalls and low voltage lighting. Call us today for your own Pond Consultation or Quote!

Ponds and Water